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ARC TIG Welder Inverter MMA Gas/Gasless 240V 200amp A...

Introducing the Röhr WSME-200 welding machineAn ideal solution to the majority of welding needs offering precision and control where it matters most. Simple to use, from experienced pros to first-timers. This uses the latest rectifier technology to dramatically reduce overall footprint and increase performance.Inverters dramatically reduce the power required to weld, increasing efficiency by 30%,...View more

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PLS NOTE: Our TIG 200 is IGBT tech, not MOSFET. IGBT machine is far superior and more stable than MOSFET machine.  IGBT tech is is more superior than MOSFT tech in the following aspects: Peak current capabilities, forward resistance and temperature drift, switching speeds and response time, logic level switching and isolation, gate capacitance...View more

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TIG ARC Welder Portable Inverter MMA MOSFET 240V / 25...

Introducing the RÖHR HP-250PP welding machineUsing the latest inverter technology to dramatically reduce overall footprint, this welder is compact whilst maintaining the features and control of some of its bigger brothers. As well as size, inverters dramatically reduce the power required to weld, increasing efficiency by 30%, whilst producing a constant power supply for a...View more

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CGOLDENWALL 50kg Automatic Welding Positioner for Mig...

Parameters: Input Voltage: AC220V/110V Frequency : 50/60Hz Turntable Diameter: Ф300mm Rotate Speed: 1~12rpm Horizontal Loading Capacity : 50KG Vertical Loading Capacity: 25KG Tilt Angle: 0-90° Tilt Mode: manual Center Aperture of Turntable:Ф30mm This kind of positioners are a type of automatic positioner. It works in MIG/MAG, CO2 and TIG welding source, making a set of...View more

50A Plasma CUTTER/200A HF TIG/MMA DC Inverter Welder ...

MACHINE FEATURES: PLASMA CUT & TIG & MMA/ARC/STICK DC Inverter welder 3 IN 1 Digital Control Panel Design enables more accurate and easier operating ARC Start Method: HF Contact(CUT), HF(TIG), Scratch(MMA) 2T/4T modes are available on CUT & TIG UP-Slope and DOWN-Slope can be adjusted in range 0-5s on TIG Auto hot-start, ARC Force and...View more

Hopopular 3 in 1 Plasma Cutter Tig Stick Welder 50Amp...

Plasma Cutter Tig Stick Welder 3 in 1 Welding Machine 50Amp Air Plasma Cutter This 3 in 1 plasma cutter stick tig welder is of three functions: TIG, MMA and CUTTING. During the operation of MMA welding or TIG welding, this welding & cutting equipment is featured with the stability of output. The stability of...View more

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Ridgeyard 220V Multifunctional 3 in 1 Air Plasma Cutt...

Features: ARC column slender, strong penetrability Multi-function of TIG and MMA welder as well as air plasma cutting Advanced MOSFET inverter technology, high working efficiency, DC output Compact structure, convenient to carry, reliable and durable, easy for maintenance Technical Parameter: Duty cycle: 60% No-load loss: 40W Power factor: 0.93 Insulation class: F Protection class: IP21...View more

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Ridgeyard Air Plasma Cutter 3 in 1 Welder Inverter Ti...

Main Technical Parameter: Current ranget(A): TIG(10-120); MMA(10-120); CUT(10-30) Rated output current(A): TIG(120); MMA(120); CUT(30) Input current(A): TIG(13); MMA(22); CUT(21) No load(V): TIG(55); MMA(55); CUT(220) Work voltage(V): TIG(14);MMA(24); CUT(92) SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: 1.Keep children away 2.Wear approved gear, jackets, pants, boots, gloves etc. Do NOT wear wet or damp clothing 3.Use with proper ventilation 4.Do NOT use...View more

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160AMP MMA(ARC,Stick)/Lift TIG IGBT DC Inverter Welde...

Machine Features: Auto hot-start, ARC Force can be adjustable and Anti-stick technology IGBT technology MMA/ARC/STICK & LIFT TIG LED amperage display CE approved Compact portable design and light weight Quality carry case Complete kit SPECIFICATIONS: MAA(ARC)/LIFT TIG 160A MMA (ARC) Welding Output (at 60% duty cycle) 120A MMA (ARC) Welding Output (at 100% duty cycle)...View more

200AMP TIG & MMA/ARC/Stick 2 in 1 DC Inverter We...

Machine Features: TIG & MMA(ARC/STICK) welding 2 in 1 Digital Control Panel Design enables more accurate and easier operating TIG welding with HF Start – Easy ARC starting and improvers tungsten life LED amperage display CE approved Compact portable design and light weight Pre-Blow and Gas Delay can be adjustable MMA welding with Auto hot-start,...View more

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