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Charnwood W685 Wall Mounted Wood Working Dust Extract...

If not having enough space is a problem in your workshop then this wall mounted extractor may well be the answer. When mounted on a wall the collection/filter bag hangs underneath and collects all the dust and chippings whilst taking up very little space. Powerful enough for any bench machinery plus bandsaws and table saws....View more

Peter Sefton’s Wood Machining Series – Set of 7 DVDs

Save £19.93 Buy all 7 DVDs and save £19.93 on individual prices! With over 12 hours of teaching, join Peter on this set of 7 DVD’s as he guides you through: Ultimate Bandsaw Set Up & Maintenance Advanced Bandsaw Techniques 1 Advanced Bandsaw Techniques 2 A-Z of Jointer Set Up & Maintenance Practical & Safe...View more

Proxxon Micromot MBS 240/E Bandsaw

Double ball bearing aluminium pulleys. Sturdy, machined table with slot for mitre gauge. Triple ball bearing system with blade guides. Adjustable for different widths of saw blades. Table tilts through 45° for accurate mitre sawing. Low noise 220V motor (high quality, for quiet, prolonged use) with Optibelt toothed belt. Electronically controlled speed for exceptionally accurate...View more

SIP SIP 12″ Metal Cutting Bandsaw (230V)

This Metal Cutting Bandaw from SIP has been engineered specifically for daily use in many engineering plants, fabrication workshops & garages. It boasts a powerful motor & adjustable cutting blade speeds to effortlessly cut through ferrous & non-ferrous metal & alloy tubes, bars & profiles.View more

SIP SIP 16″ Professional Wood Bandsaw

This saw has a powerful 3HP motor and large diameter wheels to make it ideal for work in high output workshops – professional or serious amateur Dual speeds make the machine suitable for cutting all types of wood, plastic and non-ferrous metal. The saw has fully adjustable blade tensioning and tracking for precise and friction...View more

SIP SIP 8″ Swivel Metal Cutting Bandsaw

This metal cutting bandsaw features an adjustable vice for cutting mitre angles between 0° and 45° and a cast iron bow for reduced vibration and accuracy. The limit switch is designed to stop the machine when cutting is complete.View more

SIP SIP 18″ Metal Cutting Bandsaw (400V)

This 400V bandsaw features a powerful 15kW (2HP) induction motor with 4 speeds to allow for maximum control and accuracy. The cast iron bow also improves accuracy and reduces vibration, whilst being wheel mounted allows for improved manuverability.View more

Scheppach Scheppach Basa 7.0 Bandsaw (230V)

The Basa 7.0 is a professional grade, top quality workshop bandsaw manufactured to handle heavy duty applications on a regular basis. This large free standing unit features a large 4425mm blade, 600mm band wheel and a tilting table that allows users to adjust the saw precisely to suit the requirements of the task in hand....View more

Scheppach Scheppach HBS300 740W Bandsaw (230V)

This bandsaw offers reliable service and performance in joinery and home workshops, making it an ideal economical light duty machine. The rigid steel stand provides a comfortable working height for plenty of power for all cutting operations.This bandsaw has a cast iron tabletop for large, accurate cuts and a solid rip fence with eyeglass for...View more

Scheppach Scheppach Basa 3.0v Vario Bandsaw (400V)

The Scheppach Basa 3.0v Vario Bandsaw allows the user to work material specifically thanks to the steplessly adjustable and unique Vario drive system. There is a large, stable cast iron table that provides an accessible and safe workspace no matter the working material. It allows one handed operation and provides a precise pivot point for...View more

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